800px-Housefly_anatomy-key.svgHere’s last week’s offering: Scenes From a Car Crash (Two Humans and a Fly).

Bit of a somber one this, not sure where it came from.

I’ve got another sci-fi offering in the works after watching copious amounts of Battlestar Galactica. That should be the one for this week. After that there will only be ten more to go. I’m not sure what to do with them afterwards. I’ll print them and put them in a folder, maybe with accompanying illustrations.

Ooh the guinea pigs are fighting. There that’s better they’ve stopped.

I’m conscious that I’d like to reflect on my own writing and the writing of others a bit more. Might start a fresh blog and post actual blog posts on it a bit more frequently than I do for this one. Yes that might be the next order of things.

In the meantime, please consume the new story. And then rinse and spit. When your full please visit the blogs of some writerly friends. Try Kim McGowan for size. She writes about writing and it always seems to make good sense to me. And how about Jenn Ashworth. A sturdy Prestonian with a genuine love for anyone keen to write, especially if you are also Prestonian (which I am). She’s got time for you, make time for her.




Two new stories up for greedy greedy readers.

Firstly, ‘Mincement Swallowed Whole’ based – ooo wait,

haha just watching my rabbit yawn. You’ve not lived until you’ve seen a rabbit yawn.

anyway, where was I. Ah yes the story is based on a real life spy plot from WWII about a soldier who was invented by the British Intelligence to act, in death, as a decoy. It was a major success for the British and helped pave the way to victory. Look up operation mincemeat on wikipedia. The story is in the style of an otherworldly letter. I’ll say no more!

And the other story is called Clownicus and the Full Stop. Its a bit nonsensical, but fun to write.


Oooh and I’ve just seen a new image for the next Zelda game. looks mysterious….


FrankensteinHere’s a new story about the creation of one of my favourite novels, Frankenstein, the one which started it all for science-fiction, arguably.

A keen eye might also spot last week’s story, The Man With the Animal Skins. This was written especially for the reading in Preston at the Continental that I did the other night. I seemed to go very well, I think the night was a success all round. The theme of the night was SKIN, hence the subject matter of the story.

I’m hoping for a big writing session this weekend as I have the time and space for it. There may be yet another tale of delights up here soon. It will either be about superheroes, a witch, Guitar Hero, or Zelda. Or maybe something else entirely, who knows?

Im hoping I will have the same sort of inspiration that Mary had….


here is the conclusion to double dragon, later than planned as ever.

Thanks to Willow Hewitt for doing a little feature on my little blog on Manchester Writing and promoting story number 28 Liberty’s Toe. It made me warm and cosy inside.

Don’t forget, Tuesday this is happening:


With this person, this person, this person , this person, and this person hosted by this person.

(That’s Emma Lannie, Annie Clarkson, Andrew Michael Hurley, Richard Hirst, Tim Woodall and Jenn Ashworth respectively, to you and me and all the animals of the jungle.)

happy times,



Hello all,

It’s been a while.

Tigerfish. Lioncake. Monkeyglue.

all part of

Double Dragon.

interesting stuff. I do hope everyone is well. Sorry if you’ve been trying to read a new story on here in the past few days – there hasn’t been one. Hopefully, Monkeyglue will suffice. Next week is the conclusion of Double Dragon.

Now this next bit is very important. I will be reading at Word Soup in The Continental pub in Preston on the 19th of May. That’s a week next tuesday, in laymans terms. If you are in or around the preston are come along, its only three pounds and you get to see all these fabulous peoples read. Funnily enough, Andy Hurley is my cousin. Fancy that.




Animals and scrabble tiles, what is a boy to do?

 Stories galore! The next three weeks will be a series of stories entitled ‘Double Dragon.’ The first one (which was last week’s) is Tigerfish and the second (which is this week’s) is Lioncake. What will the third one be? Wait and see. What’s it all about? Wait and see. Is the rest of it written yet? No, but patience my lovely readers, they’re coming.

By the way if you want to see an actual Tigerfish here is a picture.


07-08-06_1540F for Feline.

That’s Merlin, my cat from home.

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with any of the storys. Never mind.

Last week’s story was called Sheep: 8 Miles and therefore had a colon in the title.

This week’s story is called Avatar: JackRip and also has a colon in the title. That is the only similarity that the two stories share.

One is sci-fi and one is not. I’ll let you decide which is which.

While you are doing that check out some other webpages of interest as well. Here is wufniks where there are many and frequent literary delights. Also, why not try bewilderbliss? and The Manchester Review. Also if you from Preston (like I am) check out the Preston Writing Network and the blog of published preston writer Jenn Ashworth. Her debut book is very good and will make you laugh from the very first line.

Also does dr who have a future? this guy seems to think so.

That is all for now. Also i have realised that technically I still have to write a story for this current week. this holiest of holy weeks when Jesus had a go at Fig Tree. poor old fig tree, never hurt anyone. don’t worry figgy, Jesus will get his comeuppance…



The big toe story is up and has had a name change to Liberty’s Toe.

Its quite a special one this one because it takes the form of scanned images of hand-written letters by – well I’ll let you see for yourself. It was easier to put the images on Photobucket and they are better to view on there as well. Click on the link in the story page and then click on the first picture in the album and then click on ‘Full Size’ in the top right hand corner of the image for the best view.

Took me bloody ages and i think its a bit cluncky (and perhaps a bit contradictory in places) but it has some nice concepts and philosophical bits to it. I also like the authenticity of reading hand-writing, especially in this day and age.

Technically that was a late offering from last week and this week’s is still owed. It going to be about Sheep. I had the idea yesterday while crossing the Pennines in a coach. should be a larf.


ah, thank the lords of Kobol for that, the new fraking story is up – although it wasn’t the ‘Big Toe’ one i was working on. That one is still in the barrells and formenting very nicely thanks very much. it may be a very special one as well.

go on, join twitter. one of these days i might be amusing

oh and on Tuesday I may be doing a bit of a reading at this night, if all goes well. its free so if you’re in the manchester area come along and listen to me and other speak our splurge



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