Good news!, ths site you now cast your lovely sparkling (probably) eyes upon has been nominated for an award! The Manchester Blog Award people have kindly shortlisted me for the ‘Best Writing on A Blog’ category. Go here for more info on the Blog Awards.

I’m up against stiff competition with all these quite remarkable scribes shortlisted for the same award: Santiago’s Dead Wasp, My Shitty Twenties, I Thought I Told You To Wait in the Car and Big City, Little Girl

Gosh. I think Manchester deserves a good old hearty slap on the back for being a wonderful hub for these talented scribblers and typers. I’m just happy to be standing alongside them!

Well, if you are free on the night of the 21st October 2009 (a Wednesday, it be) then come along to the awards to see me read one of mi stories. Haven’t decided which one yet – perhaps it should be potluck? The Blog Award event is on at the Band on the Wall, Swan Street Manchester at 7pm. Come one come alllllll!!!!

And keep reading! I know there are some of the 52 that you haven’t read yet so pick em out, sit your arses down and let the words do their work. Remember to warm up and warm down your eyes appropriatly.

See you at Band on the Wall



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  1. kim mcgowan Said:

    Hey Dave

    Glad you (and me!) got shortlisted. I’m so pleased.

    Well done you too; VERY soundly deserved. I’m due to work that evening but my lovely friend had rallied to cover for me, so I’m hoping to attend (although I’ll feel a huge imposter in that talented company). Will I see you there?

    cheers, kim

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