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One more for the road, ey, why not? What you drinking? A pint of Joint-Runner-Up Best Writing on a Blog Ale? or just a Half?

You join me at a happy moment in my life, and I’m not afraid to say it. The trees are getting fat, the birds are sprouting and I’ve got The Graduate and Chinatown rented on DVD to watch at my leisure. If you’ve never been here before, then sit back, relax, start at story number one and have a good read. There’s an unrelated, seemingly random story for every week of last year, so set aside some time and let the words eat your brains like zombies probably would.

Also, I was at this blog awards thing the other night. Yes that’s a picture of me doing my reading. Don’t know who those other halfwits are. It was a good night full of fabulous literary delights from various talented bloggers. The big winner was Lost in Manchester which claimed the prize for Blog of the Year 2009. I have since had a look at the site and by gum its a worthy winner. Its an anonymous blog about the quirks and foibles of a quirky and foibly city that we all love, with pictures and info of things we might otherwise have missed.  I like it because it avoids the obvious and then points out that which should be blindingly obvious but isn’t. Well done, whoever you are.

Another winner of two awards (incl. the one i was up for, grrr) was the remarkable single-mother blog lovingly entitled My Shitty Twenties. Now if your skeptical about heading over there, don’t be. It’s ridiculously hard not to get drawn in to the simple tales of baby/toddler Tom and all the various situations he gets his mother into. It soon becomes a very pleasant way to spend your internet reading time and its plain to see why it did the double at the blog awards. Well done My Shitty Twenties, you’re not shitty at all.

And one more mention should go to Richard Vivmeister, whom I share the honour of the runner-up spot with. Go there. Read his stuff. It will make you chuckle, giggle, even possibly chortle. He got the reading night off to a delightful start the other day, even when it descended to a man pushing poo back up his own… well I’ll stop there and let you find out for yourself. Ho, Vivmondo!

Well the only left for you to do dear reader is find my other blog. That’s right I have a new blog. This time I will not be writing a short story a week for a year. I’ll be doing other things. I think.

Bookmark it, pop it in your favourites, tweeter it, googlofy it and if you don’t want to then you can just go facebook yourself.

That’s all. Really that’s it. Go away now.






Good news!, ths site you now cast your lovely sparkling (probably) eyes upon has been nominated for an award! The Manchester Blog Award people have kindly shortlisted me for the ‘Best Writing on A Blog’ category. Go here for more info on the Blog Awards.

I’m up against stiff competition with all these quite remarkable scribes shortlisted for the same award: Santiago’s Dead Wasp, My Shitty Twenties, I Thought I Told You To Wait in the Car and Big City, Little Girl

Gosh. I think Manchester deserves a good old hearty slap on the back for being a wonderful hub for these talented scribblers and typers. I’m just happy to be standing alongside them!

Well, if you are free on the night of the 21st October 2009 (a Wednesday, it be) then come along to the awards to see me read one of mi stories. Haven’t decided which one yet – perhaps it should be potluck? The Blog Award event is on at the Band on the Wall, Swan Street Manchester at 7pm. Come one come alllllll!!!!

And keep reading! I know there are some of the 52 that you haven’t read yet so pick em out, sit your arses down and let the words do their work. Remember to warm up and warm down your eyes appropriatly.

See you at Band on the Wall