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So this is the end, my only friend, the end.

I won’t lie to you, its been arduous! writing 52 stories is no mean feat! I’ve enjoyed it though and I’m happy now to have a back-catalogue of sorts.

Please keep reading. I’ll keep them up for a while longer. I’m going to start afresh elsewhere soon, once I’ve settled into the groove of my MA. I want a blog where I can better reflect on this task and other thoughts on other things. Also, the writing doesn’t stop here. Although I won’t have as much time henceforth I still want to tinkle the plastic keys to spew forth more mysteries and curios.

But for now its cheerio.

So thanks for stopping by, thanks for taking the time out to read these things that I spill out. I hope they struck a chord somewhere deep down. I like to think that they are uprooted from somewhere quite genuine, so hopefully they will speak to you on some sort of level.

And check back for news on my new blog (which will be bigger, better and easier to edit, hopefully!)















Its nearly done, only one piece remaining. I took a week off last week, partly to prepare for this final push, partly because i was in Wales away from the computer. But after all that I do have my final idea for story 52.

Story 51 is about a murder in a bowling alley, but not quite that simple. I enjoyed coming up with song names and band names for use in the piece. Some that didn’t make it in: Better do it Softly by Cat Cabaret, TerrioTechnoClapTwoThree by Darkly Darkly and Voiceover by Mute. That’s a lto of fun you should try it yourself.

In other news, some git has stolen my facebook! changed my name to Carol Philps and started playing endless poker. If you have come from Facebook then please ignore my profile for the time being, I am attempting to seize back control.

In the meantime enjoy story 51 and see you on the other side.




Well its nearly done. I’ve nearly reached 52 and one year of telling tales tall and dog stories shaggy. Just two more left and I’m really starting to think about how to end the damn thing – with an ironic whimper? epically? realted to the first story to make a sort of loop? I have nae decided yet.

In the mean time here’s Peripeteia, as story about things happening while nothing happens, which happens all the time.

Oh and also, its come to my attention that there is a thing happening. A thing called the Manchester Blog Awards. Its on the 21st of October at Band on the Wall in the northern quarter and you can nominate blogs here. I’ve nominated a few of my faves, why don’t you nominate yours (hint hint…) 

speak soon