Story 48: ‘A Visitor’

Homage to a faithful friend. Favourite of the nine for many years, now shunned by flippant scientific technicalities. Its still there, oh boffins, you haven’t blown it out of the sky yet.

In other news, getting excited about the Manchester Literature Festival yet? i am, got to get myself booked onto some of the choiceist picks. Got my eye on Angels of Anarchy at the Manchester Art Gallery. Bit tentative about it though: what if I pay £29 pounds to do it and then get total brain-freeze and not write anything halfway decent? I”ll be the laughing stock whatever that means (giggling gravy?)

ooh and its seems no point in not being friends is back for a one-off at matt and phreds. I read for them a couple of times at Deaf Institute, damn fine reading night.

things to do, things to do




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  1. kim mcgowan Said:

    hi Dave
    always a bit phased by wordpress, never know where to stand. i’m about to read A Visitor, so I’m standing here. Thanks for you comment, see below:
    Yes Rorke’s Drift commemoration is new and I suspect ephemeral, because most of the installation is flowers and stuff, so you and Hannah had better skip along and see it before the frost hits. It’s actually in Miller Park but I know you’re from Preston so you know they sort-of merge. It’s on the terrace just above the fountain. Tell Hannah I went and located George Smith’s headstone in Preston Cemetery, directions here: and it’s not light red marble, it’s Shap Granite, of course.

    I like tracing all the cross-connections bits, George Smith, South Africa, Fulwood Barracks on Watling Street Road in Preston, the Sumners pub. We lived on Watling Street Road and our son was born in a house opposite to the Barracks, and I’ve been to the Sumners, and the Barrack’s chippy is in between our old house and the Sumners and I like fish and chips and ten years ago I went on an archaeological field trip to South Africa…oh and I’ve seen Zulu and now I’ve seen the Miller Park commemoration and his headstone. Marvellous! kim

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