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Story 48: ‘A Visitor’

Homage to a faithful friend. Favourite of the nine for many years, now shunned by flippant scientific technicalities. Its still there, oh boffins, you haven’t blown it out of the sky yet.

In other news, getting excited about the Manchester Literature Festival yet? i am, got to get myself booked onto some of the choiceist picks. Got my eye on Angels of Anarchy at the Manchester Art Gallery. Bit tentative about it though: what if I pay £29 pounds to do it and then get total brain-freeze and not write anything halfway decent? I”ll be the laughing stock whatever that means (giggling gravy?)

ooh and its seems no point in not being friends is back for a one-off at matt and phreds. I read for them a couple of times at Deaf Institute, damn fine reading night.

things to do, things to do





Ar, you’ve come aboard then lad? I always knew you would. Hope you got your sealegs screwed on there, I know I’ve got mine.

There’s only 6 story islands left to navigate before we reach the buried treasure, and we’ve got you for the full voyage my lad, ha ha haaaarrr. But don’t you get shirty, and don’t you be thinkin this is goin’ to be an easy ride.

What you got there then? Moby Dick? Treasure Island? Where’s Wally Now? All classics my lad but try ‘Got Some News’ and ‘Story Mode’ instead, they’ll get ya thru the storms.

Lets get off, then, fella. Get down below and find my scally man Lee Johnson. He’ll tell you a tale or two.