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The number 100 on a door in Lancaster. Would I have taken the picture if had been the number 56? or 109? or 33? probably not. But then again I wasn’t thinking straight because I was barely hours away from asking Hannah to marry me.

New story, ‘Unacceptable Praise Mechanism.’ There’s only 7 to write now. Blimey! I wonder what literary treats lie in store?

That will take me into mid September and roughly a year since I began this endeavour. When I reach that it will signal a change in lifestyle I reckon. I will back to university with fresh energy and renewed fascination in learning things new. And its about time too.


She said yes by the way. Good times.





Piggyshop Quartet

Piggyshop Quartet

hello everyone.

please follow the example of Pandora, Attica, Hera and Hebe (aka the Piggyshop Quartet) in the reading of the following bloggggggg. They’re interested, are you?

oooh it feels like its been a while. what have i been up to? Camping on the welsh coast in blazing sunshine and selling pet accessories to people for the RSPCA. what larks.

Here’s the new story, later than planned, inspired by a title of a fictional set of poems by a fictional character in a work of fiction The World According to Garp that I have been reading the past couple of weeks. Its a good read, recommended, espcially for writers as it is about a writer – his whole life in fact.

Thanks to Hannah for using her touch-typing skills to get it written up and for improving the title. Its probably the softest and nicey-est story yet, which I don’t mind at all because it still has an element of the strange.

I will hopefully have another one coming tomorrow, shorter, funnier, zanier and a tad nonsensical.

Pop along over to Kim Mcgowan to see inside the mind of another writer, one who is actually doing it for an MA. She is like a telescope into the murky world of Writersville and she makes the murkiness so, so clear. So click the link and find out why blogwriting is like syphillis.




skullTwo snappy little one-pagers to read: ‘The Skull’ and ‘The Golden Silence’.

Went camping last weekend in Wales and got terribly burnt. Had a rather poetic moment staring at the newly risen moon across the Irish Sea while urinating. it felt like just me the wee the sea and the moon. very elemental. i shall have to squeeze it into a story one day.

C’mon The Murray