Two new stories up for greedy greedy readers.

Firstly, ‘Mincement Swallowed Whole’ based – ooo wait,

haha just watching my rabbit yawn. You’ve not lived until you’ve seen a rabbit yawn.

anyway, where was I. Ah yes the story is based on a real life spy plot from WWII about a soldier who was invented by the British Intelligence to act, in death, as a decoy. It was a major success for the British and helped pave the way to victory. Look up operation mincemeat on wikipedia. The story is in the style of an otherworldly letter. I’ll say no more!

And the other story is called Clownicus and the Full Stop. Its a bit nonsensical, but fun to write.


Oooh and I’ve just seen a new image for the next Zelda game. looks mysterious….


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