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800px-Housefly_anatomy-key.svgHere’s last week’s offering: Scenes From a Car Crash (Two Humans and a Fly).

Bit of a somber one this, not sure where it came from.

I’ve got another sci-fi offering in the works after watching copious amounts of Battlestar Galactica. That should be the one for this week. After that there will only be ten more to go. I’m not sure what to do with them afterwards. I’ll print them and put them in a folder, maybe with accompanying illustrations.

Ooh the guinea pigs are fighting. There that’s better they’ve stopped.

I’m conscious that I’d like to reflect on my own writing and the writing of others a bit more. Might start a fresh blog and post actual blog posts on it a bit more frequently than I do for this one. Yes that might be the next order of things.

In the meantime, please consume the new story. And then rinse and spit. When your full please visit the blogs of some writerly friends. Try Kim McGowan for size. She writes about writing and it always seems to make good sense to me. And how about Jenn Ashworth. A sturdy Prestonian with a genuine love for anyone keen to write, especially if you are also Prestonian (which I am). She’s got time for you, make time for her.




Two new stories up for greedy greedy readers.

Firstly, ‘Mincement Swallowed Whole’ based – ooo wait,

haha just watching my rabbit yawn. You’ve not lived until you’ve seen a rabbit yawn.

anyway, where was I. Ah yes the story is based on a real life spy plot from WWII about a soldier who was invented by the British Intelligence to act, in death, as a decoy. It was a major success for the British and helped pave the way to victory. Look up operation mincemeat on wikipedia. The story is in the style of an otherworldly letter. I’ll say no more!

And the other story is called Clownicus and the Full Stop. Its a bit nonsensical, but fun to write.


Oooh and I’ve just seen a new image for the next Zelda game. looks mysterious….