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Animals and scrabble tiles, what is a boy to do?

¬†Stories galore! The next three weeks will be a series of stories entitled ‘Double Dragon.’ The first one (which was last week’s) is Tigerfish and the second (which is this week’s) is Lioncake. What will the third one be? Wait and see. What’s it all about? Wait and see. Is the rest of it written yet? No, but patience my lovely readers, they’re coming.

By the way if you want to see an actual Tigerfish here is a picture.



07-08-06_1540F for Feline.

That’s Merlin, my cat from home.

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with any of the storys. Never mind.

Last week’s story was called Sheep: 8 Miles and therefore had a colon in the title.

This week’s story is called Avatar: JackRip and also has a colon in the title. That is the only similarity that the two stories share.

One is sci-fi and one is not. I’ll let you decide which is which.

While you are doing that check out some other webpages of interest as well. Here is wufniks where there are many and frequent literary delights. Also, why not try bewilderbliss? and The Manchester Review. Also if you from Preston (like I am) check out the Preston Writing Network and the blog of published preston writer Jenn Ashworth. Her debut book is very good and will make you laugh from the very first line.

Also does dr who have a future? this guy seems to think so.

That is all for now. Also i have realised that technically I still have to write a story for this current week. this holiest of holy weeks when Jesus had a go at Fig Tree. poor old fig tree, never hurt anyone. don’t worry figgy, Jesus will get his comeuppance…