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The big toe story is up and has had a name change to Liberty’s Toe.

Its quite a special one this one because it takes the form of scanned images of hand-written letters by – well I’ll let you see for yourself. It was easier to put the images on Photobucket and they are better to view on there as well. Click on the link in the story page and then click on the first picture in the album and then click on ‘Full Size’ in the top right hand corner of the image for the best view.

Took me bloody ages and i think its a bit cluncky (and perhaps a bit contradictory in places) but it has some nice concepts and philosophical bits to it. I also like the authenticity of reading hand-writing, especially in this day and age.

Technically that was a late offering from last week and this week’s is still owed. It going to be about Sheep. I had the idea yesterday while crossing the Pennines in a coach. should be a larf.



ah, thank the lords of Kobol for that, the new fraking story is up – although it wasn’t the ‘Big Toe’ one i was working on. That one is still in the barrells and formenting very nicely thanks very much. it may be a very special one as well.

go on, join twitter. one of these days i might be amusing

oh and on Tuesday I may be doing a bit of a reading at this night, if all goes well. its free so if you’re in the manchester area come along and listen to me and other speak our splurge



Stupid delete function


That’s an amalgamation of blogging and working. I wish I didn’t do so much blorking, it’s going to get me fired eventually.

Here are some recent conversations with customers:

“Would you like a bag?” “Yes”

“Do you need a bag?” “Errr, yes”

“You won’t be needing a bag will you?” “Err, No I won’t actually”



A new lay out. the old blog needed a nice lick of paint. I feel i have accomplished something.

The new story is forming. I’m going to call it ‘Big Toe’ i reckon and its going to be more space-based larks. I’ll try and get it written and posted today and it will count as last weeks offering. and then its on to this week. no rest for the wicked.

A note on week 26. This, as some may know, is inspired by my sister Jenny and bits of it (the bits about her fingers) are biographical. Its a sort of homage to a great inventive brain that doesn’t quite realise how inventive its being. So thank you to Jenny Wren, Finger, Freckle, Dunty Finger, Lily, Farcrashing and Nurnursbacktogetheragain for the inspiration. (btw Rick – can you remember the other names? I couldn’t so i had to make em up)

Im still Twittering. i’ll use it for updates on story progresses so if you are ever wondering ‘what the hell is dave doing this week? he is well late with his story’ my twitter updates may hold the answers. that address again;

also make sure you keep checking out the blogs that i link to on my blogroll. Got a nice mention from the lovely folk at Wufniks last week. Read what they had to say about me, i thought it was very nice indeed.

Anyway, have fun basking in the sun of thenew layout and keep reading



yes i have succumbed to twitter

no i have no story to post

yes i have an idea and a new pc to write it on

yes it will be up soon i promise

i am such a slacker

go to if you feel like it


I am terribly late this week. In fact this story belongs to last week and technically I still have one to write for this week. Its a good job i have a long weekend ahead of me, huuurah.

Descending to Saturn isn’t as sci-fi as the title suggests. in fact its not sci-fi at all. Its about grief which is something that I fear rather than something i’ve ever experienced. This is how i think things would pan out should anything terrible happen to someone i love. Of course, its not very realistic, but that’s not really the point.

see what you think, and more tomorrow.