hello everyone,

I have three new ladies in my life – aren’t  I a lucky boy? They are, of course, not human instead are, actually, Guinea Pigs with capital G and Ps. Going along with the Greek theme (see Rabbit named ‘Delphi’ below) the girls are called Hera, Hebe and Attica. Attica is mine. She looks like a very suave skunk, but is a bit nervy. She’s going to be the hottest Guinea Pig on the planet when she grows up.

Hebe, however, might be blind/mad or both. I see a hollywood romcom coming up with two sisters at the opposite ends of the spectrum, getting together to thwart a man/each other or both. I’ll never let it happen, i promise.

This week’s story is a bit clunckily written, but has some nice sci-fi style ideas. It sounds like the summing up of a novel and maybe one day it will be.


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