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A cat story this week because the Cats Protection League are running a ss writing competition and i might enter it. It might be this story or i might come up with another one if i can.

Hmm, a lot of mights in there. A note on last week’s snooker story: it was inspired by someone i work with (not the same person who inspired story one, way back when) who actually lost an important match on said long pink. So yeah, shout out to Ric or whatever.

While you have time to browse the internet check out my version of a flaming lips album cover at:

and remember to join the group: Lets Redo Classic Album Covers Using Microsoft Paint.

I’m off to There’s No Point In Not Being Friends at The Deaf Institute tommorrow. Should be fun.



Blog Rabbit, Blog Rabbit, Blog, Blog, Blog

Phew. Its a behemoth this week. I hope you read it. Its up now – sort of. its still not right as you will see. its supposed to look and read like an internet forum but some of the text boxes and pictures have shifted awkwardly. I’ll try to sort it out in the near future – but not right now as it is late and ive been doing it for hours!!!

I think its legible, so if you can get your head around it please read – because i think its pretty damned good!

Here it is, week 18: Forum ——————————————————————————————————>

Bloggy New Year

Hello 2009, welcome to the world. Hope you are well and that your various months and weeks are not planning to give you any aches and pains in uncomfortable places.

This, 2009, is a blog for stories created by me, one of your inhabitants. There is one for each of the last sixteen weeks of your predecessor, 2008, but i promise there will be many more for you – because i like you better.

Although, having said that I am lagging. ‘I, Iago’ has been up for a week now and a new story is needed. Alas there isn’t one just yet, but there will be soon. It might be something about ancient Gods and internet forums, so I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to that.

In the meantime, Year of the Ox, enjoy the others that have been festering here waiting for hungry eyes to read them up. ‘I, Iago’ – the latest offering – is all Shakspearean. It’s Iago many years on from the events of Othello, but I’m sure you could figure that out because you look like a clever annum (anno? annus? annul?)

D-D-Dave (a.d.)