delphisketchSo here it is, merry xmas eve eve.

The following story – number 15 of 52 is quite a long’n which is why its taken me so damn long it get it up. It’s a little rough around the edges and might be a tad ‘obvious’. It would be really nice to know what you make of it because its actually a proper story with a narrative and themes and characters and stuff.

Be sure to keep visiting for Malcy Svonkson’s lexical xmas delights. On there you may find my presence…. so use the force and force yourselves to do what is right.

I am currently reading Byron poems, The Silmarillion and QI Banter. I am playing Lego Batman, Okami, Metroid Prime 3 (still – i am stuck) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I am listening to Animal Collective’s Water Curses EP and Flaming Lips’ Christmas on Mars and Jeff Buckley’s Grace. I have discovered the delights of Flight of the Conchords and very much looking forward to Wallace and Gromit and the new Johnathan Creek.

That is all.


and a happy new year.


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