Twas the week before christmas, and the goose was getting fat, every creature was hungry, especially the cat.

Hope your all having a merry yuletide thus far and the stress of present buying isn’t weighing too heavily on shoulders. My shoulders, you’ll be irritated to hear, are entirely weight-free as all presents are bought have arrived and most are wrapped. I’m sorry I don’t mean to gloat.

Week 13’s story (unlucky for some) has taken a rather different turn be it that it is written by two ‘guest writers’ and contains nothing but dialogue. Hickorius and Mallum Dae are two – well lets not say ‘people’, lets say ‘existances’ that i met when travelling through time. They’re a pair, I tell ya!

Reason #1 why X-Factor should be banned from our screens: The Auditionees Performance. It made me very very miserable to be alive, those poor poor people. When Cowell says ‘I’m proud to be British’ to the one that won all I can think of are those auditionees’ minds misfiring into delusion and being applauded for it. That put a downer on Hallelujah.

I’m off out to have xmas meal number 1 of 4, lucky me.



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  1. sogoodsoright Said:

    smug bastard

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