shipheadMy my how cold it is. You can really feel that youve got skin and exactly how thin it is. Personally, i’m concerned about my vital organs.

Well here is week 12s story. I’ve just written it, just now, right this minute so its fresher than you can imagine. I started with the title which i think i just plucked out of the ether (which einstein/gollum assures us does not exist) and went with to see what happened. I’m pleased with the result. Its cyberpunkian SF but without the cockiness. Might be a tad difficult to read.

I was also happy with the ghost story from last week. That began as an idea in Halloween week and has matured slowly for a month. Its seems to be a good way of writing a SS. I hope i captured some good ambiguity like in Turn of the Screw which i feel is somewhat essential for a modern ghost story, seein as though ghosts don’t really exist and all. Or do they? See I’m still at it.

I’m trying to write a 1000 word story about a cat but I’m goin over the limit as ever. Maybe one for the future. At the moment it has a cat but doesnt have an ending.

Have a read, have a comment and generally have a good first week of december. go forth and spend all your money on your loved ones.


p.s. a word about the 1.2 2.11 business of the stories. When i did week 10 the system put it between week 1 and 2 which could not be allowed to happen. the 1./2. system is simply just to keep things in order and the first numbers dont really mean anything. ignore them.


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