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delphisketchSo here it is, merry xmas eve eve.

The following story – number 15 of 52 is quite a long’n which is why its taken me so damn long it get it up. It’s a little rough around the edges and might be a tad ‘obvious’. It would be really nice to know what you make of it because its actually a proper story with a narrative and themes and characters and stuff.

Be sure to keep visiting for Malcy Svonkson’s lexical xmas delights. On there you may find my presence…. so use the force and force yourselves to do what is right.

I am currently reading Byron poems, The Silmarillion and QI Banter. I am playing Lego Batman, Okami, Metroid Prime 3 (still – i am stuck) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I am listening to Animal Collective’s Water Curses EP and Flaming Lips’ Christmas on Mars and Jeff Buckley’s Grace. I have discovered the delights of Flight of the Conchords and very much looking forward to Wallace and Gromit and the new Johnathan Creek.

That is all.


and a happy new year.



Twas the week before christmas, and the goose was getting fat, every creature was hungry, especially the cat.

Hope your all having a merry yuletide thus far and the stress of present buying isn’t weighing too heavily on shoulders. My shoulders, you’ll be irritated to hear, are entirely weight-free as all presents are bought have arrived and most are wrapped. I’m sorry I don’t mean to gloat.

Week 13’s story (unlucky for some) has taken a rather different turn be it that it is written by two ‘guest writers’ and contains nothing but dialogue. Hickorius and Mallum Dae are two – well lets not say ‘people’, lets say ‘existances’ that i met when travelling through time. They’re a pair, I tell ya!

Reason #1 why X-Factor should be banned from our screens: The Auditionees Performance. It made me very very miserable to be alive, those poor poor people. When Cowell says ‘I’m proud to be British’ to the one that won all I can think of are those auditionees’ minds misfiring into delusion and being applauded for it. That put a downer on Hallelujah.

I’m off out to have xmas meal number 1 of 4, lucky me.



shipheadMy my how cold it is. You can really feel that youve got skin and exactly how thin it is. Personally, i’m concerned about my vital organs.

Well here is week 12s story. I’ve just written it, just now, right this minute so its fresher than you can imagine. I started with the title which i think i just plucked out of the ether (which einstein/gollum assures us does not exist) and went with to see what happened. I’m pleased with the result. Its cyberpunkian SF but without the cockiness. Might be a tad difficult to read.

I was also happy with the ghost story from last week. That began as an idea in Halloween week and has matured slowly for a month. Its seems to be a good way of writing a SS. I hope i captured some good ambiguity like in Turn of the Screw which i feel is somewhat essential for a modern ghost story, seein as though ghosts don’t really exist and all. Or do they? See I’m still at it.

I’m trying to write a 1000 word story about a cat but I’m goin over the limit as ever. Maybe one for the future. At the moment it has a cat but doesnt have an ending.

Have a read, have a comment and generally have a good first week of december. go forth and spend all your money on your loved ones.


p.s. a word about the 1.2 2.11 business of the stories. When i did week 10 the system put it between week 1 and 2 which could not be allowed to happen. the 1./2. system is simply just to keep things in order and the first numbers dont really mean anything. ignore them.