Today Hungover, last night Halloween.

I was Baron Samedi. It looked good, but now the yellow paint makes me look jaundice.

I had to sleep for some time in the corridor outside the flat because i was keyless.

On a lighter note, the man with the scary tie got off with the angel of death, but i did not witness this coming together of forces because i was in a heap in the corridor.

now I’m in work so I must make a formal apology to everyone who expects world class Gober-style service today because it aint         gonna        happen.

A word on week seven’s story. It was written in response to the ‘9 Things That Stand Between You and Happiness’ on the blogsite for local writing mag Wufniks. go to the blog at to see the other 8 things by other people.

You will find, also, that my offering is on there. Hurray for Wufniks!

zombie mumbles



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