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The ghost story is up (and has been for a few days now). more tomorrow if i get time!




Short and sweet this week.

I’m going drinking this evening so it was probably best to get this done before the hangover weekend.

ghost story next week. oooooohhh spooky

Merry mid-november



Weeeeeeek 9 ——————————————->

Don’t count the coughs.

My what a long week, lots of things seen, lots of things done, a week to remember it seems. I feel like I need a good solid meal. instead I have burnt pasta. Yum.

I have decided to collect novelty playing cards. Send them to me so i don’t have to bother goin’ shops.





Busy times and as of yet this week remains storyless. I will endeavour to have something up by Sunday, if not before. It’ll be worth the wait I promise.

Barcelona was lovely and accommodating (sp?) and surprising by turns. We saw Spanish dolphins and lots of dogs and lots of Gaudi.

Thank you to Sarah for looking after Delphi.



I’m off to Barcelona soon and I didn’t really leave much time to write my story for this week. But never fear as I have thrown something together at the last minute. It’s called ‘Aliens’ and its based on the Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds concept album from the 70s that I have been listening to a lot over the past few days. There’s a funny line in it when the narrator has seen the Martians land and kill some people and, instead of doing anything about it or running scared, he flippantly goes home types up a report for his newspaper and goes to bed. How very English.

So its also about that, but there’s a weird bit at the end that makes no real sense. See what you make of it.

Thats it for now, I promise I’ll write something better in Barcelona.

Bye Bye


Today Hungover, last night Halloween.

I was Baron Samedi. It looked good, but now the yellow paint makes me look jaundice.

I had to sleep for some time in the corridor outside the flat because i was keyless.

On a lighter note, the man with the scary tie got off with the angel of death, but i did not witness this coming together of forces because i was in a heap in the corridor.

now I’m in work so I must make a formal apology to everyone who expects world class Gober-style service today because it aint         gonna        happen.

A word on week seven’s story. It was written in response to the ‘9 Things That Stand Between You and Happiness’ on the blogsite for local writing mag Wufniks. go to the blog at to see the other 8 things by other people.

You will find, also, that my offering is on there. Hurray for Wufniks!

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