Hello everyone!

I’ve had a busy busy week at work etc. I’ve also had a flirtation with the letter ‘B’. I seem to have taken to watching films beginning with the letter ‘B’: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Burn After Reading and Blade Runner, also I’ve spent most of my time these past few weeks in Blackwells and the rest playing with a Bunny and the other day I spent a fruitless two hours visit a B&Q.

Why do you haunt me oh ‘b’?

Anyway, enough of that, its time for more story. I’ve been trying to write a fariytale thing about fairies and torture and stuff but it hasn’t really happened. That’s maybe one for a future date. So instead I’m going to write one on the nature of obsession since my own obsession for Blade Runner was renewed this week when I went to see it at the Cornerhouse. Damn, that’s a good film. Oooh don’t get me started.

My stats tell me that views of the stories spiked again a couple of days ago. Thanks for the support and keep reading – and if you feel the burning urge inside please do let it out in the form of comments, i would be highly appreciative.

Hmm, it seems (some) Americans are still inexplicably racist. Idiots.

That’s all for now, story soon to follow!



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