Week 3’s story is there ————————>

But it’s a work in progress. And week 4’s will be the sequel. I’m still looking for the wire to attach my phone to my comp so that i can get a picture of the illustration which inspired both stories.

But what else is happening? Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! Well just one, called Delphi after the place where the oracle was. She’s a smokey grey lop-eared bunny and shes fun to watch for hours on end. She looks like she’s got snowboots on.

Oh, and if anyone comes in to Blackwell and asks me for ‘Financial Accounting for Decision Makers’ i’ll throttle you.

Throttle. That’s an underused word. And a good word.

Week 5’s story is coming to me. I’m thinking about the Cutty Sark. And about people who have not seen each other for a while. Perhaps, for once, it’ll be meaningful and not a silly fantasy story. Perhaps.



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