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Here is the new story, a little later than planned.

Today is that day of the year which always unsettles me slightly – the one when the clocks go back. What is one supposed to do with that extra hour? Do trans-dimensional rifts appear in the deepest parts of rural wales for an hour and then heal and disappear without anyone noticing? Should I be standing still for the entirity of the hour in case I mistakenly time-travel and alter the course of the future? When does it begin and when does it end?

Too many questions and – quite literally – too little time.

The story is based around my favourite film, so its quite indulgent on my part. It contains references that will seem odd if you’ve never watched Blade Runner, but don’t worry because that kind of fits in a strange kind of way.

More Human Than Human




Hello everyone!

I’ve had a busy busy week at work etc. I’ve also had a flirtation with the letter ‘B’. I seem to have taken to watching films beginning with the letter ‘B’: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Burn After Reading and Blade Runner, also I’ve spent most of my time these past few weeks in Blackwells and the rest playing with a Bunny and the other day I spent a fruitless two hours visit a B&Q.

Why do you haunt me oh ‘b’?

Anyway, enough of that, its time for more story. I’ve been trying to write a fariytale thing about fairies and torture and stuff but it hasn’t really happened. That’s maybe one for a future date. So instead I’m going to write one on the nature of obsession since my own obsession for Blade Runner was renewed this week when I went to see it at the Cornerhouse. Damn, that’s a good film. Oooh don’t get me started.

My stats tell me that views of the stories spiked again a couple of days ago. Thanks for the support and keep reading – and if you feel the burning urge inside please do let it out in the form of comments, i would be highly appreciative.

Hmm, it seems (some) Americans are still inexplicably racist. Idiots.

That’s all for now, story soon to follow!


Blogatty blogatty

Week 5 is upon us.

I read the story that there had been a report on the cause of the fire that destroyed half of the Cutty Sark. Some cleaner left their hoover on all weekend. Hee hee, that’s quite amusing. Here’s my take on proceedings.

So what’s new this week? i have a glow-in-the-dark James Bond watch (a lovely gift from Hannah) and its making me feel all Halloween-y. I have also got Balderdash downloaded onto my Wii which was probably the first video game I ever played. It’s still fun, what a legacy.

Today I have been mostly singing ‘I need a Hero’ and the theme from Goldfinger, although not at the same time u understand.

‘Beckons you, to enter his web of sinnnnnnnn!



Oh and yeah that picture isn’t working out. I’ll keep trying.


A Visual Aid
A Visual Aid

Hmm, Hope this works. Well Story 4, Cloud Wizards 2 is up. This picture, if it decides to appear, is the doodle that inspired the stories.

Week 5s story is also done (pretty much) and will be up soon.
I’m suffering with a cold so I’ve taken the day off to circulate the germs around the house. Hannah doesn’t stand a chance and neither does the bunny.



Week 3’s story is there ————————>

But it’s a work in progress. And week 4’s will be the sequel. I’m still looking for the wire to attach my phone to my comp so that i can get a picture of the illustration which inspired both stories.

But what else is happening? Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! Well just one, called Delphi after the place where the oracle was. She’s a smokey grey lop-eared bunny and shes fun to watch for hours on end. She looks like she’s got snowboots on.

Oh, and if anyone comes in to Blackwell and asks me for ‘Financial Accounting for Decision Makers’ i’ll throttle you.

Throttle. That’s an underused word. And a good word.

Week 5’s story is coming to me. I’m thinking about the Cutty Sark. And about people who have not seen each other for a while. Perhaps, for once, it’ll be meaningful and not a silly fantasy story. Perhaps.




It’s been a while, as I have been busy holding down two jobs and fighting crime as a masked crusader. But I have story three on the way, so fear not.

It’s called The Cloud Wizards and its based on a doodle I did at work while bored. I’l try and get a picture of the doodle up here, as its quite good. The story, however, I’m not currently so sure about. It’s half finished so the result should be up shortly.

Tomorrow I will be mostly playing with a rabbit.