this week is Freshers Week, but there is nothing Fresh about it. Working in the academic bookshop brings me into direct contact with the following top 5 fresher cliches:

5. Apologetic Fresher – its OK, I won’t bite if you ask me to find a book or give you a free mug.

4. Pyjama-wearing Fresher – NO! You are not cool and liberal! don’t go shopping in your night-garments!!

3. Over-excited Fresher – Calm down there! You might feel so free that you want to beam a smile to everyone, but that kind of attitude is going to get you very, very mugged in Rusholme.

2. Over-Exaggurating a non-existant hangover Fresher – Don’t play up to what you think is cool and necessary in Freshers Week! Being drunk!

1. Mute Fresher – don’t let your parents do the talking! FInd your voice!

End of rant.

Please find a new (also quite old) story entitled Ferria and Cavion. What are Ferria and Cavion? Read on and find out!!



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  1. Karl Said:

    You speak the word of truth! Is this a revelation from god?

    *worships messiah dave*

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