All Sumo Wrestlers cheat, apparently, but what do i know about that?

I have my idea for story of week one that stems from a peculiar hobby of a work collegue. I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing his life, but i promise I’ll give it back as soon as I’m done with it.

I’ll write the damn thing tonight on the train while i return to my home town of Preston. Hopefully, typed, wiped and striped, it will be on here by tomorrow/Friday and then i can start fishing for the next idea.

In the meantime another tale should appear here in the interim entitled: Trickster Makes This World. It would be nice to know what you make of it, if anything.

Errrg. Just because you wear a luminous saftey jacket do you feel you have the right to ogle women? They should be called Pervo-jackets. Sorry, I ramble while I watch some builders.

Things I learnt this week: a 2p coin is exactly double the weight of a 1p coin. That i did not know previously.

Farewell for now,



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