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Week two’s story is up and ready to read. Please comment on it, tell me what you think, I’d love to know. It’s not very long: 755 words and its pretty silly and mindless. It amused me anyway, but it doesn’t take much.

Don’t know where the idea came from, but when i get bored I do tend to start rhyming things in my head, so it must have developed from there.

Have fun with it, but treat it gently for tis only just a newborn. Aww.

Oh yeah and if anyone would like to set a challenge for next week’s story then drop a comment and i’ll see if it tickles me.




this week is Freshers Week, but there is nothing Fresh about it. Working in the academic bookshop brings me into direct contact with the following top 5 fresher cliches:

5. Apologetic Fresher – its OK, I won’t bite if you ask me to find a book or give you a free mug.

4. Pyjama-wearing Fresher – NO! You are not cool and liberal! don’t go shopping in your night-garments!!

3. Over-excited Fresher – Calm down there! You might feel so free that you want to beam a smile to everyone, but that kind of attitude is going to get you very, very mugged in Rusholme.

2. Over-Exaggurating a non-existant hangover Fresher – Don’t play up to what you think is cool and necessary in Freshers Week! Being drunk!

1. Mute Fresher – don’t let your parents do the talking! FInd your voice!

End of rant.

Please find a new (also quite old) story entitled Ferria and Cavion. What are Ferria and Cavion? Read on and find out!!



week one’s story is up, entitled ‘Sorry Mr Davies’. Its done in a Virginia Woolf internal monologue style, i hope, so it should read like your READING SOMEONES MIND!!!

The unusual photography habit is borrowed from Peter at work. He’s actually going to do it. So far he only has one.

Have fun, live long.



trickster story up. For more background on the character of the Trickster, type ‘Trickster’ into Wikipedia.

He’s in us all, somewhere


All Sumo Wrestlers cheat, apparently, but what do i know about that?

I have my idea for story of week one that stems from a peculiar hobby of a work collegue. I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing his life, but i promise I’ll give it back as soon as I’m done with it.

I’ll write the damn thing tonight on the train while i return to my home town of Preston. Hopefully, typed, wiped and striped, it will be on here by tomorrow/Friday and then i can start fishing for the next idea.

In the meantime another tale should appear here in the interim entitled: Trickster Makes This World. It would be nice to know what you make of it, if anything.

Errrg. Just because you wear a luminous saftey jacket do you feel you have the right to ogle women? They should be called Pervo-jackets. Sorry, I ramble while I watch some builders.

Things I learnt this week: a 2p coin is exactly double the weight of a 1p coin. That i did not know previously.

Farewell for now,



Look at that – its nay been 30 minutes since the last post and already a magical link has appeared to a short tale of one man and his miniatures. Read it, assess it, comment on it, do what you will.

Soon I will join the aforementioned Anthony Richardson in his endeavour to write a very short story every week for a year – he’s done two already so I’m lagging behind. I’m going to random article myself on Wikipedia and look up the last famous person who died. Maybe that will generate into something vaguely readable.





Having just unloaded the washing machine, got a glass of lemonade and played a bit of metroid prime 3, i resolved to write a blog.

This is not something I’ve ever done properly before so bear with me.

Here you will – in the near future and beyond – find short stories written by me and will most probably be about the near future and beyond as sci-fi and fantasy seem to be my bestest friends. 

Hopefully, among the tales of fancy, you will find a fox in a place he shouldn’t be, Odysseus in a place he was, two children playing at Frankenstein, the odd displaced deity and Mickey Mouse doing something he shouldn’t be. If that tattles your tickle-buds then click on some links and consume some data – there’s plenty more where that came from.

After the main course, head for dessert with the irresistable stories of one anthony richardson (who writes stories that are funny and is a berk) where there is much more reading to be done. Start with Tagmata and work your way sideways into his bouncy-castle of a mind.

And keep your eyes peeled for more blog.

Goodbye for now.